Hello world

Having spent a week trying to overcome my first major hurdle in the course – coming up with a name for the blog – it’s now time to start getting to grips with the project. We’ve been given an incredibly open-ended brief: to come up with a piece of online science communication and I didn’t come to the course with any set ideas of what I wanted to create. I suspect it will be physics-themed, and aimed at school-age children, as four days a week I work in physics outreach at Queen Mary, University of London, so I would be aiming at an audience I already know quite well.

I’m not sure yet what I’d like to create, but I would like there to be an aspect of play and interactivity. I want people to be able to learn about science as they want to, not within my prescribed boundaries. Obviously there will be a limit to this – I will be creating it after all, so there must be some boundaries – but I’d like people to be able to take their own path through the website. I’d also be interested in including some multimedia in the project, as that’s not something I’ve had enough time to explore thus far.


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