Playing with code

We have been learning how to use Dreamweaver, and I’ve spent some time picking up basic HTML and CSS. I made a ridiculously silly ‘website’ about cats, using the task as an opportunity to pick up basic skills – like formatting, sites with multiple pages, embedding links etc. As you can see I haven’t exactly tried too hard to make it pretty (or functional, or interesting).

I'm great at websites... It definitely conveys my love for cats...

I’m the kind of person who needs an actual project when programming – I have never just liked to play for the fun of it. Once I have an idea, I will learn as I go along creating the site – for a website about cats which no one will ever see, it seems like a waste of time to spend ages on the visual side of things. Luckily I’ve done a fair amount of programming in the past, and I’m typing these posts in html too, to try to get to grips with the basics, like writing in bold and italics. I have used a document preparation system called LaTeX before, which uses quite a similar format to HTML, so it’s coming along quite nicely. There is a really great site here, which has most of the information I need as well. Still, it’s even more of an incentive to finalise an idea…


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