CSI investigations

Sorry for the exciting looking title – no such luck. I’m actually having a look around the forensics idea first. I’m a bit dubious about it – there are too many forensic graduates in the country anyway, and this would just reinforce the misguided idea that forensics is like CSI. However, it would be good to explore some of the science behind the methods, things like how UV light for blood detection works, how fingerprint analysis works.

One similar thing I found is this, which in my opinion doesn’t really work. When I didn’t know which tool to use, I just randomly clicked on tools until one of them worked. This didn’t really teach me anything, and I got bored very quickly. This site on the other hand, is very good. It’s close to what I would want to do – it shows real science techniques in an interesting way, and doesn’t shy away from terminology. However, it does demonstrate to me that this sort of thing looks best when it is very image-heavy, and I don’t think I have the time to do a project this detailed, so I shall have to leave this particular idea for now.


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