Audience – thoughts

Something very important to think about is my audience. I think I’ll be aiming it at younger people – not necessarily teenagers, but at a sort of 16-25 age bracket. I kind of want to aim it at those who already read hypertext fiction, whilst leaving it open for those who don’t to still enjoy it. Hypertext fiction is a slightly outside-of-mainstream medium, so this isn’t going to reach everyone in the country, but that’s OK. Targeting it at people who already spend a lot of time on the web is still a valid audience – and there will be lots of non-physicists in this bracket I’m sure!

However, I’m worried, especially given the content, that this might turn into a sort of ‘geek humour’ site – I know most of my friends would either dislike it, or enjoy it for the geekiness of it. I think I will have to be very careful to keep the geek references down: things like Alice and Bob will certainly make sense to those who know about quantum mechanics, but hopefully it won’t be obvious to those who don’t know that this is a very geeky reference!

My reference point for this sort of thing is The Big Bang Theory, which has a lot of humour that only people who know about physics would get, but manages to get a popular audience because of the other humour and good storylines.

I’m certainly starting to realise what a big challenge I’ve set myself…


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