Web Style Guide: Goals

I have just started working my way through the Web Style Guide, albeit in book form. It’s not a coding book, but instead focusses on how to overcome the particular design and style challenges which the web presents. It’s this aspect of the project which I’m concerned about. As I’ve said, coding won’t be too much of a problem – there are plenty of web guides out there for when I get stuck – but I’m not sure what real challenges the web presents, so it will be good to get more of an idea of that. The first paragraph seems particularly pertinent:

The first step in designing any web site is to define your goals. Without a clearly stated mission and objectives, the project will drift, bog down, or continue past an appropriate endpoint. Careful planning and a clear purpose are the keys to success in building web sites, particularly when you are working as part of a development team.

via Process | Web Style Guide 3.

So, what are my goals?

  • I guess the most important thing is to communicate some of the wonder of quantum mechanics. There are some astonishing things happening at a quantum level, and they are not impossible to explain to a lay person.
  • I’d also like to communicate the science through story and play. I’m aiming this at a young audience, who in general don’t like to be lectured to. I’d like the learning element to be quite unnoticeable, so that they learn a small bit about it, but the main thing they take away is the wonder.
  • I’d also like it to be entertaining enough to be shared between peers, for the entertainment value, not the learning potential. This influences not only the storylines, but also the look and feel of the site – I don’t want it to look educational.

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