Final Site

So I’ve got the site up and working. Pippa suggested that instead of having white text on blue, I have a rollover to dark text on light – so now when you rollover the bubbles, they change to a kind of rainbow sheen with black text. It makes things easier to read, and it does look pretty! If I had more time, I would definitely add more to this: one thing I’m seriously considering doing is adding a note to the bottom, which explains that this is set in a quantum universe, but that all of this is possible on a smaller scale. I think this would keep the science in people’s minds, and I think I can easily add this in html and css without redoing all of my photoshop work. It’s a shame that because the piece is so highly dependent on graphics, I’ve had to do it mainly in html and photoshop. I probably could have made more use of css, but it didn’t seem like I needed to – even if it is more elegant theoretically, I felt like it was unnecessarily overcomplicating things. At least if I use photoshop, I know things will look exactly like I want them (sort of!), especially with text changes etc. Certainly the way I have done things works for me, and gives me the functionality I want the site to have, which is the most important thing as far as I’m concerned!.


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