Final Evaluation

So the deadline for the final site is today! I’m really pleased with the whole process, and I’m really pleased with how I’ve managed to explain the science whilst still making it quite light.

The site isn’t finished – I got a rather nasty stomach bug (you don’t need the details) this week, which has pushed things back a bit, so it’s not ready to be viewed by the general public yet, but it is live at The main problem has been that each page spawns three more, so the number of pages increases exponentially (literally). This means that the final site, even with quite short stories, will be over 80 pages big. To have the stories to the length and complexity I’d eventually like, I think I will be looking at close to 200 pages (maybe even 300). This is pretty unrealistic for the 8 week course – I have 30 pages, but I have run out of time! The problem with my site is that when it is unfinished, there are dead ends – which is why the site is not ready for general consumption! However, I do have examples of the ‘Show Me’ function here (click on the ‘Show me’ button to see it).

I general, I do know that I have some little things to fix, and it’s certainly not perfect, but I’ve really enjoyed making it, and I will certainly fix the wobbles over the summer (that’s when my job eases off, as the children go on school holiday). It’s also inspired me to think about doing a bit more design – I now own my own name as a domain name, so over the summer, I’ll probably do something with that!


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