Feedback from Class

We had a class presentation on Tuesday, where we presented our concept and current site to everyone, and had the chance to get some feedback on it. It was really productive, and brilliant to get the chance to see what everyone else has done. I have serious website envy from some of them!

Anyway, The main point of feedback was that I need to be really careful that it is clear what the user needs to do. I have gone back and edited some story pages from the beginning to make it clear at the start that you have to make choices to get through the story. I have also explained the ‘Show Me’ device idea right at the start, so that people don’t miss the extra info. Hopefully it will be clear – I don’t envisage people starting the story half way through to be honest, as I don’t think people will share the story at any point other than the beginning!


Design attempt

This is the first attempt at the layout – I like the idea of being able to choose which ‘bubble’ universe to enter, from the main bubble – the current universe. I made it from scratch in photoshop, and I quite like the ‘glowy’ effect.

My only problem with it is that I would have to use white/light text on a dark background – which I normally don’t like. I’ll have to see if I can find a way around this…

Handy notepad

Here is a handy tool for if I want users to have to remember anything. The notepad automatically saves the information to the user’s hard drive, so that if the site crashes, they still have the information. At early points in the story, the user could be given codes etc., which they can save in the notepad for later use. I really like this idea, and all the HTML code is put there for me!

Photoshop starfield

I made a starfield on photoshop today, using this tutorial. I’m not sure why – mainly to get to grips with using the software. I’m much more used to gimp, but it seems that photoshop lets you do this shiny paste-straight-into-dreamweaver thing, which may become useful, especially if I want to make my own graphics for the background.

Anyway, it’s not perfect, but it gave me an idea of what I can do, so I thought I had better log it!