Updated science and story pages

Just a quick note to say I’ve updated both the science and story pages!


Feedback from Class

We had a class presentation on Tuesday, where we presented our concept and current site to everyone, and had the chance to get some feedback on it. It was really productive, and brilliant to get the chance to see what everyone else has done. I have serious website envy from some of them!

Anyway, The main point of feedback was that I need to be really careful that it is clear what the user needs to do. I have gone back and edited some story pages from the beginning to make it clear at the start that you have to make choices to get through the story. I have also explained the ‘Show Me’ device idea right at the start, so that people don’t miss the extra info. Hopefully it will be clear – I don’t envisage people starting the story half way through to be honest, as I don’t think people will share the story at any point other than the beginning!

Yet more story

I’ve nearly finished now! It’s been a big project, and the story is nowhere near as big as I would like, but I’m taking the approach that this is a learning task, so it is OK to have a smaller site for now. Perhaps over summer I will re-visit it and update it, but for now I will keep it short and sweet!


More story

A quick note today – I’ve been working really hard on the story over the past few days, and it’s really growing. I’ve updated the story page to reflect where I am at the moment. It’s getting a bit complicated to keep all of the story elements together – it’s stupidly difficult coding it all, and keeping track of everything…

New page – Story

I’ve put up a new page, to show the progression of the story, in mind map form. I’ll put new post up when I update it, but it’s there in an easy-to-reach form for when I want to check it. Here’s what I’ve got so far… The software has just deleted a load of the story (which is great), so there’s no science in there at the moment, but once I’ve re-typed it all there will be!

‘Clouds’ mean that that is the end of the storyline. There are quite a few ‘wrong’ choices at the beginning, which I don’t like, but I only have a finite amount of time for this!

New page – Science

I’ve put a new page up, with a table of the science I want to include, and ways to incorporate that into the story. I’ll post when I update it more.

Here’s what I’ve got so far…

Science Story
Alice and Bob are often used to explain different concepts in quantum theory, especially when talking about information transfer. They will be your companions in the virtual world, and at times you will see them in the distance, carrying out thought experiments.
The twins paradox – if you travel close to the speed of light, you age more slowly because time slows down. The ‘ending’ of one of the stories can be that you get on a very fast spaceship and return to find that everyone is long gone
Quantum tunnelling – alpha particles can escape the nucleus of an atom which they should be tightly bound into, due to the fact that there is a finite possibility that they are actually located outside it If the world was one where quantum effect were much more important, you might be able to run through walls. This might be a good use of a random number generator…
Schrodinger’s cat/wavefunction collapse – things exist in two states at once until someone observes them. So the cat is both alive and dead until you look at it, at which point the wavefunction collapses, and the cat is either dead or alive Your observation could change the way the story goes – there’s a choice to either look or not look, and looking might kill something/cause something undesirable